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Image:Pickup_gang.jpg|A [[Rednecks|Redneck]] Pickup in GTA 2.
Image:Pickup_gang.jpg|A [[Rednecks|Redneck]] Pickup in GTA 2.
Image:Pickup.jpg|A Pickup in GTA 2
Image:Pickup.jpg|A Pickup in GTA 2
Pickup-GTA2-Dirk.PNG|[[Dirk]]'s unique turquoise pickup.

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This article is about the vehicle in GTA 1 and GTA 2. For the floating collectibles, see Pickups

A San Andreas/Vice City Pickup from Grand Theft Auto 1, representing a generic modern pickup truck.

The Pickup is a vehicle in Grand Theft Auto 1 and Grand Theft Auto 2, where it is used by the Redneck gang in Anywhere City as a gang car. It gives a health icon when crushed.

In GTA 1 there are also two variants, the Liberty City variant resembles a 1940s Ford/Chevrolet truck, whereas the Vice City/San Andreas version resembles a 1980's Ford F-150.




  • Residential District, Anywhere City
  • Several non-gang variant Pickups are parked in the Mobile RV Park.


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