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Pillbox Hill is a neighbourhood in Los Santos, part of the greater Downtown area. It borders Strawberry and Chamberlain Hills to the south, Little Seoul to the west, Burton and Alta to the north and Textile City and Legion Square to the east.


Pillbox Hill acts as Los Santos' financial center. The district contains most of the city's major skyscrapers and associated financial institutions. It occupies approximately the western half of Downtown Los Santos.

Events of GTA V

The neighborhood plays a major role in the mission Architect's Plans, where Franklin goes in the construction site to take the plans from the architect and get them to Lester.


Pillbox Hill is based on the real-life neighborhood of Bunker Hill, Los Angeles.

Notable residents


The neighbourhood is served by Los Santos Transit buses. It has two stations (only one station is operational) on the Los Santos light rail system - Pillbox South Station and Pillbox North Station, which is closed and under construction.

Roads and Streets

Places of interest





  • A pillbox is a small military guard post made of concrete that are generally used by MG gunners and small bands of Infantry soldiers to keep a resistance against an enemy force. Or to hold them off or to drive them back. Pillboxes are usually situated on hills looking over a greater area. The fact the name is used in the game implies that Los Santos was once under attack, most likely during World War II as real life Los Angeles had many defences guarding it against possible raids by the Japanese.



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