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Pillbox North Station, under construction.

Pillbox North Station is an underground Los Santos Transit station which is closed due to construction during the events of Grand Theft Auto V. The trams do not stop there.


The site is located directly under the Penris Building in northern Downtown Los Santos. The station is far larger and more open than other stations on the transit line, although many of its features have yet to be constructed — there is only one partially built platform. Its layout also suggests the station will feature at least one side platform when completed, compared to all other stations on the line which feature island platforms, though the other side has a permanent wall with no space for another platform. Both the wall and the platform feature "Pillbox North" signs. Escalators lead up from the concourse to a small entrance hall, although there has been no access or surface entrance constructed beyond this point. The only way into the station other than along the tracks is via a tunnel to the south that allows construction workers and equipment to reach the site, or through the nearby sewer system to the north. Scaffolding and construction tools can be seen around the site, and construction worker NPCs usually appear during daylight hours.

Pillbox North station is prominently featured in The Jewel Store Job, as the crew uses the tunnels for their escape. In GTA Online, the mission Sinking Feeling for Lester Crest also takes place in the station construction site, as does a Gang Attack.



  • News regarding the construction are heard on the radio as people do not want the subway underneath rich areas such as Rockford Hills.
  • The turnstiles being installed in the station are the same models used in GTA IV's Liberty City Subway, unlike the other stations in the LST.

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