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The pimping mission consists of driving prostitutes around San Andreas to meet their respective customers.

Upon collecting a prostitute after a successful session, she will give you a $300 cut off her fee. The more times you do this without stopping or failing the mission, the greater the "multiplying" factor, so after 2 drop offs the cut you receive is doubled to $600, after three it is tripled to $900 and so on.

On completion of the "pimping" mission prostitutes will pay you to sleep with them. The mission can be repeated any time by entering a Broadway car.

It is also a empire business mission in GTA Vice City Stories. To start the mission, the player should have at least one prostitute business. The player should go into the prostitute business and press the ↑ button in front of a gang member. As the mission is activated, the player should get on the Polaris V8 parked in front of that prostitute business.

Once the mission starts, the player should drive prostitutes from the brothel to each clients. The player is only able to drive 2 prostitutes, one at a time. Sometimes the client runs away without paying or beats up the prostitute. Also the client can kidnap the prostitutes, so the player should always be ready for surprise situations like that. Each time the player successfully brings the prostitute from the client, the player earns $100. If the client runs away, kidnaps the prostitute, or beats up the prostitute, the player should kill the client. If the client is killed, the client spills money on the ground. The total sum of the money is close to $100. If the player fails to bring the prostitute to each client in the given time, the mission is over. After accomplishing 15 jobs, the player's respect level in Pimping business changes into "Mack Daddy"

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