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For the Empire side mission in GTA Vice City Stories, see Prostitution.
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Pimping is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that consists of driving prostitutes to meet their respective customers. The mission can be triggered in any of the main cities in San Andreas, but not the countryside.

Upon collecting a prostitute after a successful session, she will give CJ a $300 cut off her fee. The more times the player does this without stopping or failing the mission, the greater the "multiplying" factor, so after two drop offs the cut CJ receives is doubled to $600, after three it is tripled to $900 and $16,500 for 10 completed drives.

Money received:











There are only two prostitutes who need to be ferried around, and while there is a time limit similar to the Taxi Driver missions for dropping the hookers off, there is no time limit for picking them up, which allows the player to repair the vehicle at a Pay 'n' Spray if necessary. Two complications will arise during the mission requiring CJ to protect his prostitutes and kill misbehaving customers (both instances run the risk of triggering wanted levels).

Upon completion of the pimping missions, prostitutes will pay CJ to sleep with them, plus the mission is mandatory for 100% completion. The mission can be repeated any time by entering a Broadway car and pressing the action key.

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