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"Remember, it doesn't count as an IED when you buy it in a store and use it in a first world country."
Ammu-Nation description

The Pipe Bomb is a weapon featured in The Lost and Damned and Grand Theft Auto Online.


"This explosive device is home made, but produces a large blast radius. This weapon is most effective when rolled under vehicles or thrown into areas with a high density of enemies."
TLAD Official Website.

Pipe bombs are homemade explosives that are a little stronger than Grenades, but they release smoke after they are thrown, giving away their position. They become very useful when thrown under parked vehicles. They are also incredibly efficient when thrown into crowds of people as the smoke from the Pipe Bomb will blind them at close range. They are first obtained in Jim Fitzgerald's mission Hit the Pipe. In The Lost and Damned the pipe bombs have a 4 second detonation time just like the Frag Grenade. However, in GTA Online the pipe bombs explode on contact with a surface after half a second of being thrown.



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