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"Piracy Prevention is attack and defense on the decks of a luxurious Super Yacht. Defending players spawn on the yacht while attacking players spawn on shore with access to boats, helis and Seasharks ready to head out and capture the upper deck."
Rockstar Newswire description.

Piracy Prevention is a VIP job featured in Grand Theft Auto Online, added as part of the GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals.


"Attack and defend your way to a successful capture of the decks on the Super Yacht."
— Objective

Piracy Prevention sees an organization defending the organization's VIP's yacht from several attackers. The closest beach near the yacht will have several boats and helicopters for the attackers to use to get to the yacht. If the vehicles are destroyed, they will respawn a few moments later. Attackers have to board the yacht and stay in the upper deck area marked on the map for thirty seconds. If they are killed while capturing the deck, the timer will be reset until another player steps into the area. If an attacker is killed, they will respawn back on land closest to the yacht. Defenders will have to make sure the attackers don't capture the upper deck by any means necessary. Unlike the attackers, defenders will respawn on the yacht.



  • The pirates must take the upper deck of the Yacht, denoted by a yellow marker. As the defending Organization, don't forget to have one person guarding this area at all times.
  • The defending team should plant proximity mines on all of the entrances of the upper deck to catch out an unsuspecting attacker – but be careful of detonating them yourself.
  • Use the VIP Abilities to order a Buzzard for the defending Bodyguards. They can patrol the skies for any incoming enemies, including players parachuting in from all angles and therefore helping to take out the opposition as early as possible. Also keep an eye out for any figures swimming underwater to sneak aboard.
  • Keep an eye on the sky, as players using the Ghost Organization or Off the Radar abilities may try to parachute through the hole in the roof above the capture point (Except for on the Pisces). It's recommended to place a few proximity mines to cover this area, as well.
  • One of the defenders can stay near the helicopters and seasharks to avoid attackers from getting on any vehicle.


  • When attacking the Yacht as part of an Organization, use the Ghost Organization ability to render the Organization invisible on the radar. This will allow players to sneak aboard undetected.
  • Using Rebreathers can allow the player to go underwater for a large amount of time, which makes defenders harder to take them down or predict the player's movement.
  • The best method to capture the Yacht is to retrieve an APC. This makes it more effective of attacking the defenders as it can float on water, though they will need another player to be in the gunner position and be more reliable to incoming missiles.
  • Use a Kraken to go under deep waters, making it more confusing to defenders.

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