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(Wow, just too lazy to walk from the Four Dragons Casino to do the CC' missions, it just takes 20 seconds.)
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Best choice to save your game when doing missions at [[Caligula's Casino]].

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The Pirates in Men's Pants casino in Las Venturas


An interior view

Name: Pirates in Men's Pants Safehouse
Price: $6,000
Location: The Pirates in Men's Pants casino on The Strip in Las Venturas.
Garages: No
Helipad: No
Stories: 1
Interior Appointments: Lavish
Previous Possessor: Unknown
Info: None


  • Along with the Casino name as "Pimp". The Safehouse name can be abbreviated as "PIMPS" 
  • Pirates in Men's Pants is a parody of the Opera The Pirates of Penzance.
  • Its name and location on the Las Venturas strip is also a parody of the pirate themed Treasure Island Hotel and Casino located on the Las Vegas strip in Clark County, Nevada

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