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"High-impact pistol that delivers immense power but with extremely strong recoil. Holds 9 rounds in magazine."
―GTA V description on the Rockstar Games Social Club.

The Hawk & Little Pistol .50 is a weapon in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Special or Collector's Edition of the game.


The weapon is a bonus to those who have either the Special/Collector's Edition, or for all players owning the Enhanced Edition. In the former case it is free, while in the latter case it costs in-game money to purchase. However, the players who bought the Special/Collector's edition of the original game will still get it for free.


Grand Theft Auto V

The Pistol .50 takes the form of a Desert Eagle, with a multitude of changes made to the design: besides the removal of the famous "Beaver Tail", the slide-mounted safety has been removed, the frame mounted slide release is missing, the cocking serrations on the gun are chunkier, an underbarrel rail has been added, the barrel lock has been omitted, a sliding safety has been added in place of the slide release and the trigger guard has been redesigned. In addition, the muzzle has been shifted downwards towards the middle of the barrel, and is noticeably larger in diameter.

It takes the place of the Combat Pistol from previous games. It holds 9 rounds per magazine, which is inaccurate as the Desert Eagle chambered in .50 holds 7 rounds per magazine (the same inaccuracy is present in Grand Theft Auto IV). It has tritium-illuminated iron sights (like the Pistol and Combat Pistol) that are based on other modern combat pistols such as the FN Five-seven.


Grand Theft Auto V

The Pistol .50 has very high damage per shot of pistols and a standard semi-automatic rate of fire. Capacity is lower than that of the Pistol but it can be freely improved to be on par with it. The Pistol .50 lacks the damage falloff of the Pistol and Combat Pistol, increasing its usefulness at medium range. The main weakness of the Pistol .50 is its accuracy, which makes it ineffective for drive-by shooting and of a limited efficiency while on foot. However this handgun remains effective against NPCs in close quarters.

This is a good weapon for quickly finishing the first waves of a survival as a single shot to the chest is able to kill enemies at lower survival waves. True to its name and the markings, it is chambered in .50 Caliber, which is a very large and powerful cartridge that gives the pistol such power.

GTA V Overview

Weapon Statistics - Grand Theft Auto V
Damage [?] Fire Rate Range Ammo Specifications/
Reload Mechanism Reload Speed
Internal files
51 N/A N/A 9 N/A N/A
In-game Statements / Markings
N/A N/A N/A 9 rounds N/A N/A
N/A N/A Cannot be determined 9-round standard magazine

12-round standard magazine (Extended clip)

Upper slider N/A
Rockstar Games Social Club [?]
Fire Rate
Clip Size


Grand Theft Auto V

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Requiring improvement: Pricing and Attachments
Rounds & magazine GTA V GTA Online (Unlock)
Rounds (24) $ $ ()
Default clip (9 rounds) Default Default ()
Extended clip (12 rounds) $ $
Black Default Default ()
Army $100 $5000
Green (Collector's and Enhanced Edition Exclusive) $7500
Orange (Collector's and Enhanced Edition Exclusive)
LSPD $600 $5750
Pink (Collector's and Enhanced Edition Exclusive) $7500
Gold (Collector's and Enhanced Edition Exclusive) $10000
Platinum (Collector's and Enhanced Edition Exclusive) $12500

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In-game model

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First-Person View


Grand Theft Auto V

Original version
  • The Pistol .50 is available for free in the Special/Collector's edition of the game after completing the mission Franklin and Lamar and it will be available for free in-game at Ammu-Nation.
Enhanced version
  • The Pistol .50 is available to all players to buy for in-game currency. If one had the Special/Collector's edition of the game, however, they will still get it for free like the Bullpup Shotgun and Hammer.

Grand Theft Auto Online

Original version
  • The Pistol .50 is free in GTA Online and unlocked at Rank 1.
Enhanced version
  • Same as in Story mode.



  • The extended magazine is far larger than it should be. It is roughly twice as long, while holding only +33% bullets than the regular one. The size would have been correct if the regular clip had only 7 bullets. This may be a reference to the GTA IV scene when Niko shoots 12 bullets out of his Desert Eagle, which only holds 9 ingame.
  • Its sound is similar to the Pistol .44. Additionally, both weapons work in a similiar way, having similar magazine capacities (9 for the Pistol .50, 8 for the Pistol .44), both have a high recoil, both have the name of their caliber in the name.
  • The Pistol .50 appears to be based on a custom built Desert Eagle, rather than the actual production version.

Grand Theft Auto V

  • The Pistol .50 is notable for having a very high recoil; when fired, it will blow the player's hands upwards heavily.
    • This is not present in the Next-Gen version while in FPS mode, however, as it kicks backward rather than upward when firing in first person. This was likely done to make it more accurate when in first person.
  • The Pistol .50's beta model much more resembles its real life counterpart than the final product. It was possibly changed to avoid copyright issues.
  • The Pistol .50 on the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 platforms had an error where the reload sound effect would be almost completely silent. On the Xbox One/PS4 and PC platforms, this has been fixed.