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The Pistol .50 is a pistol in Grand Theft Auto V, and takes the form of a Desert Eagle (like the Combat Pistol from the previous games). The weapon is a bonus to those who purchased either the Special or Collector's Edition and is available for free in game at Ammu-Nation. Despite being free for purchase along with all attachments and paints jobs being free the ammo still costs the player money; this is probably because the ammunition for all weapons in a category is the same.


There are 3 attachments for the Pistol .50, and it also has some paint jobs available.

  • Suppressor: Free
  • Extended Magazine: Free
  • Flashlight: Free


  • Like the GTA IV rendition, the Pistol .50 carries 9 rounds in a single clip. Though this seems incorrect because of it being a .50AE pistol. In real life, the .50AE Desert Eagle would only hold 7 rounds while the .357 correctly holds 9 rounds.
  • When firing it, it'll blow back Michael, Trevor, or Franklin's hands heavily due to its immense power. 



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