"Get stuffed."

Pizza This (stylized as Pizza This...) is an Italian pizza restaurant featured in the HD Universe.


Pizza This... is a branch of Italian-pizza restaurants scattered across Liberty City and Los Santos. The Pizza This... name and logo can also be found on some Pony vans in GTA IV, boxes, and as adverts In GTA IV, only the Alderney outlet is accessible when Niko Bellic is with his friends or on a date with one of his girlfriends. The restaurant's name is a pun on "piece of this", but pronounced with an Italian accent, which would sound like "piece a this". Seen in an advertisement, Pizza This... sells an XXL Pepperoni Pizza for $10.99.


Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto V



  • The logo of the business stereotypically mocks Italians who normally use hand gestures when they talk.
  • Despite being two separate restaurant chains, The Well Stacked Pizza Co. employees can be found outside Pizza This... branches in GTA IV.
  • In the GTA IV mission Shadow, a Pizza This box can be seen lying in Little Jacob's apartment.
  • In the Club Management room in Maisonette 9 in TBoGT, there is a Pizza This box on Joni's desk.