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PolicePatrol-GTACW.png|GTA Chinatown Wars.
PolicePatrol-GTACW.png|GTA Chinatown Wars.
PolicePatrol-GTACW-busted.png|Pre-rendered in GTA Chinatown Wars, as depicted when the player is "[[Busted]]".
PolicePatrol-GTACW-busted.png|Pre-rendered in GTA Chinatown Wars, as depicted when the player is "[[Busted]]".
Franklin&Chaos-GTAV.jpg|The rumored Police Patrol burning inGTA V.
Cop chase.png
Trailer3 franklin 048.jpg
== Use in side-missions ==
== Use in side-missions ==

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The Declasse Police Patrol is a Merit modified for police service in Grand Theft Auto IV. In Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, it is depicted as a generic police car, possibly representing both GTA IV's Police Patrol, as well as the Police Cruiser.


The Police Patrol's front is modeled after the eighth generation Chevrolet Impala Police Edition while the back
File:Police2 badges.png
is from the ninth generation. It can be found on the streets of Liberty City along with the Police Cruiser. The vehicle is manufactured by Declasse. Like the Cruiser, the Patrol's livery is clearly based on that of the New York Police Department's vehicles.

The Patrol is generally used as a patrol vehicle rather than a pursuit vehicle, due to it being slower and heavier than the Police Cruiser (the acceleration is about the same).

In GTA Chinatown Wars, the Patrol bears LAPD-style markings, rather than the LCPD style, making the car more immediately recognizable as a police car via the DS interface; the car also incorporates GTA IV's police computer for use in vigilante side missions, and being the defacto police car in the game, is the fastest sedan-based law-enforcement vehicle in the game, with responsive controls and good durability. In cutscenes, the car in its GTA IV form may be seen (alongside the Police Cruiser), but is depicted with omitted rear quarter glasses.

The PSP depiction of the Police Patrol in GTA CW looks more similar to its GTA IV counterpart. It differs in which "LCPD" is written on the roof the car, unlike the DS/iOS versions.

It is likely it will return in GTA V, and resembles a 2013 Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle.

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