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The Declasse Police Rancher is a four-door off-road SUV in Grand Theft Auto V. It is a four-door derivative of the Rancher from Grand Theft Auto IV. It is also a police variant of Rancher XL, and it is based on the 1986-1991 Chevrolet Suburban.


The Police Rancher is a police variant of the Rancher XL, with longer wheelbase and 4 doors - reminiscent of the FBI Rancher from GTA III-era games. It features a light bar, North Yankton State Patrol livery and snow chains.

As the vehicle appears one time, is only available in "snowy" model, like the Police Roadcruiser.



  • It cannot be obtained without editing the save file. Only one Police Rancher spawns in Prologue, but it cannot be entered.


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