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The Albany Police Roadcruiser is a law enforcement car, which appears in Grand Theft Auto V.          


It is modeled after the existing Esperanto in GTA IV, with a lightbar on the top of the roof and blue and red lights elsewhere. It is used by the North Yankton State Patrol. The Police Roadcruiser only spawns with snow on its roof, hood and trunk, due to it being programmed to appear only in the Prologue, like the Police Rancher. The vehicle also features chains on its tires.


  • It appears in the mission Prologue where the North Yankton State Police use it to transport police units to the Ludendorff bank during the heist, It can only be obtained outside of the mission Prologue by save editing.
  • Like mentioned before, this Police Car is based of the Esperanto as the prologue takes place nine years before the main events begin. It's the only time you will ever see the Esperanto in V.



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