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Pontius Advanced Hand Sanitizer is a radio advertisement for a product so strong it burns off layers of skin to leave one extra clean. It is possibly based on well-known hand sanitizer brand, Purell.


  • The ad is a parody of many people's obsession with hand sanitizing lotions to excess. Some scientists have asserted that overuse by the public will leave people exposed to future viruses because heavy hand sanitizer usage eliminates our exposure to the hostile matter our immune systems use to build up better defenses. The advertisement touts that Pontius will one day facilitate the creation of a disease that will wipe out mankind.
  • Pontius is a reference the Roman prefect Pontius Pilate, who according to gospels wanted to spare the life of Jesus Christ. Under pressure from mobs who wanted Jesus executed, Pilate acquiesced to the crowd pressure and allowed the execution of Jesus. Forced to send Jesus to his death against his will, Pontius washed his hands to symbolically show that the death of Jesus was not on his hands.