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Cranes and containers at the Port of Los Santos

"The busiest container port in the USA, the Port of South Los Santos is booming again now that America imports everything from China."
Grand Theft Auto V digital manual

The Port of Los Santos, also known as LS Port, is the major seaport for the City of Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V. The port is located on the south side of Los Santos, east of Los Santos International Airport.

A number of companies seen throughout San Andreas have operations in the port. The port is where the Bugstars Pest Control garage is located.

The port is split into two districts:

  • Elysian Island, the location of Pier 400, the Los Santos Naval Port, shipyards, and various warehouses.
  • The Terminal, a maritime container terminal and warehouses.



It is possibly the only place in Grand Theft Auto V where the player can operate a Dock Handler and container cranes.



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