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"The busiest container port in the USA, the Port of South Los Santos is booming again now that America imports everything from China."
Grand Theft Auto V digital manual

The Port of Los Santos, also known as Port of South Los Santos or simply LS Port, is the major seaport for the City of Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V. The port is located on the south side of Los Santos, east of Los Santos International Airport. Part of the port is operated by Merryweather.

The Port of Los Santos is the busiest port in America. A number of companies seen throughout San Andreas have operations in the port. The port is where the Bugstars Pest Control garage is located.

The port is split into two districts:

Places of Interest

  • Los Santos Marine (Southwest Marine)
  • Ocean Boat Warehouse (Southwest Marine Warehouse)
  • Pier 400 Powerstation (Seaside Avenue Power Station)
  • Plaice Place Building (Seaside Avenue Building)
  • Plaice Place Pier (Seaside Avenue Pier)
  • Westdocks Pier 400 (Port of Los Angeles Warehouse N°1)


Mission appearances


Roads and Bridges


  • Unauthorized vehicles not displaying placards or license plates issued for disabled persons will be towed away at owner's expense. Towed vehicles may be reclaimed at Jetsam Main Terminal
  • Warning: This facility contains chemicals known to the State of Los Santos to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm
  • Notice: All drivers must check in before entering
  • Safety is job number one
  • Seatbelts required beyond this point: Safety vest and steel toe shoes required beyond this point
  • Safety: Authorized personnel only
  • Notice: Do not climb on or jump off dock
  • Warning: All vehicles must display dock permits upon entry
  • Flip-flops will not be tolerated: Wear appropriate footwear. Big metal things are around
  • Safety is number one job: We care about your health. Always wear a high visibility jacket
  • Notice: Vehicles must be checked and engine turned off during loading
  • No smoking within fifty feet
  • Caution: Hard hats and eye protection required in this area
  • Safety: Report all unsafe conditions to your foreman
  • Danger: High voltage



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