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Portland Safehouse (GTA III)

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The safehouse, as seen in GTA III.

The Portland Safehouse in Grand Theft Auto III is the first place the player can save at.


The safehouse is situated in a back alley in the Red Light District, consisting of one rudimentary living space (depicted being equipped with a bed, stove, washing machine, microwave and television, and a garage capable of containing up to one moderately sized vehicle). Based on the sign hung over its garage, the safehouse is associated with one "Eddie". Upon escaping police custody, Claude and 8-Ball use this place to "lay low" during "Give Me Liberty".

Awarded baseball bat, police bribes, a health pickup, an adrenaline pill, as well as pickups attained by collecting hidden packages are usually sorted within the back alley. In addition, completion of "Big'n'Veiny" from El Burro will result in the safehouse appearing with stacks of bestiality pornography magazines (presumably a gift from El Burro).

In Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, a hidden package is found behind a couple of trashcans next to the safehouse's door.


  • The poster on the wall shows a beach, possibly suggesting that the next game in the series would be set in Miami (Vice City).
  • The exterior of the Hashbury Safehouse in GTA San Andreas bears a strong resemblance to the Portland Safehouse.
  • So far, this is the only safehouse in GTA 3 where the interior can be seen.

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