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República Portuguesa (Portuguese)
Flag of Portugal.svg
AnthemA Portuguesa
2000px-Portugal location map.png
Official language(s) Portuguese
 -  President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa
 -  Prime Minister António Costa
Establishment 25 April 1976
EU accession 1986
 -   estimate 10,427,301 (as of 2014) 
Currency Euro
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Portugal is a country situated in Western Europe. Its language, Portuguese, is the seventh most spoken language in the world, and is the official language in Portugal and the seven (previously nine) former Portuguese colonies

There are a few references to the country throughout the GTA Series.

References in the GTA series

3D Universe

HD Universe

  • In Grand Theft Auto IV, many Portuguese flags can be seen in the Alderney district of Leftwood, a reference to the large Portuguese population of New Jersey.
  • Portuguese bakeries called "Tomada do Forno" can be found in Leftwood, which would roughly translate to "Took from the oven" or "Taken from the oven".
  • Some pedestrians can be heard speaking Portuguese, though with Brazilian accents.
  • In GTA Online, players can customize their Yachts with a Portuguese flag (Enhanced version only).


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