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"Celebrate Power Play Week and grab double GTA$ and RP in the all-new Power Play Playlist, available to access directly from the GTAV loading screen (and the Playlists section of the GTA Online pause menu) through June 27. And whether you’re a proud new X80 owner or an envious onlooker licking your chops, the new Grotti in-game tee is unlocked for all players this week, simply by logging into GTA Online."
Rockstar Games Newswire

Power Play Week is an event in Grand Theft Auto Online. The event started on June 21, 2016 and is due to end June 27. This event features discounts on vehicles and the Homing Launcher, and includes a log-in gift.

Log-In Gift

  • Grotti Owners Club T-shirt
    • Unlocked for logging in to GTA Online on any day of the event week.
    • Found in clothing stores under the Tops>Special T-shirts category. The player must first purchase the item for free in order to access it from a wardrobe.

Double GTA$ & RP Playlist


  • 50% off select vehicles and 33% off the Homing Launcher.[1]


  1. "Also, enjoy steep discounts on an assortment of air and sea vehicles; seafaring adventurers can get half off the luxurious Lampadati Toro, while ambitious Executives (and Other Criminals) can secure air superiority to support all their operational needs, with half off all three variations of the Swift and the Buckingham Valkyrie, which is available to purchase this week without Heists prerequisites. Finally, protect your Special Cargo from airborne assailants with 33% off the Homing Launcher."
    GTA Online: Power Play and Grotti X80 Proto Now Available - Rockstar Games Newswire

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