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[[Category:Most wanted criminals]]
[[Category:Most wanted criminals]]
[[Category:Albanian Mob]]
[[Category:Albanian Mob]]

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Preston Pecinvosky.

Preston Pecinovsky is a criminal residing in Liberty City in 2008 and is wanted by the LCPD for credit card fraud. He hides out in northeast Bohan. Pecinovsky can be killed by Niko Bellic, depending on the players choice.

His appearance is that of a generic Albanian gang member. He hangs out with his gang and attempts to flee in a car at the first sign of Niko leaving his gang to cover his escape.


  • He has got the exact same character model as Albanian mobster, Kalem.
  • On his mugshot, he wears Niko's Albanian Biker Jacket. He may also appear with it when killing him.

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