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"Okay listen..., the Angels of Death took it to their place in Northwood"
―Pretty Boy

Pretty Boy is a minor character in The Lost and Damned, working as a mechanic in a garage underneath an elevated train track in Industrial, Bohan. He is only featured once in the game, during "Clean and Serene". He wears a t-shirt including the Liberty Rock Radio logo on the front. His real name is unknown.


Intended to do a favor for The Lost MC, Pretty Boy was meant to look after The Lost president Billy Grey's bike when he was in police custody, but ended up selling the bike to the Angels of Death, who take it to their hideout in Northwood, Algonquin. When Johnny Klebitz and Jim Fitzgerald entered the garage asking where Billy's bike was, Pretty Boy denies being aware of its whereabouts. It is only after Billy's entry and his brief torture in the hands of The Lost (suffering facial injuries being forced against a spinning tire of a bike in the shop) that he reveals the bike's location. In a final act of brutality, Billy breaks Pretty Boy's jaw with a hammer (to Johnny's disapproval) as the gang leaves to retrieve Billy's bike.

It is speculated that Pretty Boy is either affiliated with or sold his garage to Elizabeta Torres, because she used it later during the mission Heavy Toll.

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