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Pride not Prejudice is a video game featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


It is a first-person shooter exclusive to the EXsorbeo 720 video game console, and is about shooting communists in the Deep South. It was described as "derivative and boring, but in a fun way" by the Liberty Tree. In-game activities include commiting farm-yard sodomy and drinking grain alcohol while driving at high speeds. The game's name is a parody of 1813 novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

Radio Commercials

Commercial 1
Commercial 2

Imaging Voice: "Coming for the eXsorbeo 720 gaming system! Play the game called "not as bad as it seems" and the Liberty Tree called "derivative and boring, but in a fun way". Pride, Not Prejudice. Presenting a first-person shooter like no other, apart from all the ways it copies lots of other games, with a riven and cliche-riddled storyline by a moron writer who's never been anywhere near the South and levels designed by ripping off every shooter! You'll fight for southern justice in the southern Middle East, while climbing a southern frozen waterfall on a southern ship that's about to sink, all while eating ribs and watching college football! And in the final boss level, you fight a tornado with your bare hands!"

Female Voice (with fake Southern accent): "Damn you God, you ain't gonna kill me!"

Imaging Voice: "Pride Not Prejudice. The shooter we've all been waiting for. Only for the eXsorbeo 720 gaming system."

Imaging Voice: "Coming for the eXsorbeo 720 gaming system! Some video games are set in Hell, others in post-apocalyptic wastelands. Now, there's a shooter set in the most culturally terrifying place in the world - the South."

Male Voice (with Southern accent): "Im-a have some fun with you, boy!"

Imaging Voice: "Pride, Not Prejudice. Commit farm yard sodomy, make drugs, drink grain alcohol and drive at high speed. Mow down commies. Eat pigs and foreigners. Save the South against liberals and land prospectors and out homosexuals in a place that's as hot as the Sun and swarming with disease-carrying insects! Pride Not Prejudice. The shooter we've all been waiting for. Only for the eXsorbeo 720 gaming system."


  • The game could possibly be a parody of the Far Cry Videogame series.

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