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Pride not Prejudice is a video game featured in Grand Theft Auto V. It is a first-person shooter exclusive to the EXsorbeo 720 video game console, and is about shooting communists. It was classified as boring by Liberty Tree.

The game is an obvious parody of the real-life Call of Duty series, almost all of its players are no-life nerds, irresponsible parents or "Trollers" who annoy other players and then post their "Trolling" on LifeInvader, as seen in Parenting 101, where Jimmy is kidnapped by a group of angry players because he was annoying them too much in the game, it is also specified that the game itself inspires them to do this in real life, so the game developers are sued by the players' parents for making them violent and obese so they can earn more money, as in the loading screens the tips are written as "Always question about your enemy's sexual orientation" and "Buy more DLC, it makes you a better marksman", which probably implies why Jimmy says that only rich people own the game.

The gameplay is only focused on shooting communists while an annoying Drill Sergeant screams at the player's ears, each time the player earns a kill he gets a "Streak" where he unlocks absurd weapons to kill other players (such as a "Shit Stick 3000", or a Minigun that shoots knives).

As shown in Jimmy's gameplay, the game has some game modes, such as "Molested " where he requires to throw anti-HIV vaccines at other players and then have sex them to win the match, and another mode where the player kills women in bikini to unlock more bonuses.

Otherwise, Jimmy is seen playing it almost all time at Michael's safehouse.

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