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"Half of the team has to get a police cruiser, pose as cops, and go into a police station to get the prison transport schedule. The other half has to retrieve Rashkovsky's stolen car from a cargo ship at the port of LS."
— Instruction

Station is the third heist setup for the Prison Break in Grand Theft Auto Online.


The crew splits into two groups of two. The first team are tasked with stealing Rashkovsky's Casco from a container ship in the Port of Los Santos from some Kkangpae members. The vehicle will be inside a locked container at the top of the stack, the team will have to climb up the stack and shoot open the container. Get inside the ship while killing any enemy in the way, climb up the stack at the west part of the ship and once all enemys have been eliminated, shoot open the marked container and jump off the ship with the Casco. There will be more Koreans waiting in the freeway and they will start to chase the team until they reach the drop off near Sandy Shores. Don't bother losing or killing the chasers on the way there, as they never give up, just remember to not cause too much damage to the vehicle or else the mission will fail.

The second team is tasked with finding a police cruiser to infiltrate the Mission Row Police Station. Either get a wanted level or dial 911 to attract a cruiser to steal. After this, lose their attention to proceed to the next part. The best way to lose the heat is by going through the Los Santos Transit metro tunnel used in the mission The Jewel Store Job. Go to the police station and retrieve the schedule in the room near the entrance. Return to the Police Cruiser. Now the team is tasked to go to the underpass behind Lester's warehouse and destroy the cruiser, use the two Jerry Cans in the location to do the job. Now take the schedule to the team's planning room.

Once the Casco and the schedule have been delivered to their respective destinations the mission is complete.

Mission Objectives

First Team

  • Go to the cargo ship
  • Go to the container
  • Take the Casco to the drop off

Second Team

  • Steal a Police Cruiser
  • Lose the Cops
  • Go to the police station
  • Steal the prison bus schedule
  • Get to the Police Cruiser
  • Take the Police Cruiser to the underpass
  • Destroy the Police Cruiser
  • Take the schedule to the planning room


  • The team delivering the Casco is likely to attain a wanted level if it tries to defend itself against the Koreans. Seeing the destination blip will disappear because the player has to arrive without wanted level, it could be wise to set a marker on the map to the destination upon entering the car, so the driver can keep making progress to the drop off and lose the cops at the same time.



GTA Online Heist 2 - The Prison Break - Station (Criminal Mastermind)08:46

GTA Online Heist 2 - The Prison Break - Station (Criminal Mastermind)


  • It is possibile for second team to arrive at police station and steal the schedule without obtaining a police cruiser. If players travel directly to the station without cruiser, they will recieve 3 stars wanted level, making schedule obtaining more difficult but also faster if they manage to loose heat quickly. However, this option is recommended for re-playing players due to fact that the Mission Row Police Station is not displayed on map without getting police cruiser and also involving more shooting.


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