The Prison Outfit is an outfit which can be worn by the player in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto Online, and which can be worn by NPCs in various games.

Grand Theft Auto III

In GTA III, the prison outfit is worn by Claude, 8-Ball and the Oriental Gentleman in the Introduction and Give Me Liberty. However these missions are the only times all three characters wear it. And after going to the hideout Claude permanently changes into his new outfit.

Grand Theft Auto Online

In GTA Online, the Prison outfit is worn by the GTA Online Protagonist. Once again there is only one mission that it appears, and that mission is The Prison Break heist which was added in the Heists Update. The one who is selected to be the prisoner (selected by the heist leader) is dressed up in a white tank top and orange pants, and has to act like a prisoner with the Prison Officer who is selected behind him, to break out Maxim Rashkovsky.

Characters who have worn the outfit