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"A global sportswear brand that pioneered the outsource-to-child-labor-and-sell-at-a-10000%-markup business model."
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ProLaps is a sportswear and sport equipment manufacturer which appears in the 3D Universe and HD Universe. The player can buy stocks from them in the website in GTA V.


In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, there are two ProLaps stores in the state of San Andreas that are accessible to the player, located in Rodeo, Los Santos and Creek, Las Venturas. The interior of the store features a wooden floor, several shoe boxes and clothing on display (such as clothing worn by pedestrians and purchasable clothing) and plays the radio station CSR 103.9. Pedestrians also wear ProLaps clothing, as a Da Nang Boys member wears a black shirt with the ProLaps logo imprinted on the back.

In Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, the Biker gang members seen in Avenging Angels side missions and in Maria Latore's mission string wear ProLaps t-shirts, and a billboard for the store is found in Chinatown, Portland. However, no stores are found within the game.

In Grand Theft Auto IV, ProLaps still exists, but no stores are accessible to the player and clothing by them cannot be worn. During The Ballad of Gay Tony, ProLaps is shown with an expanded product line, including fighting gloves (as seen in Momma's Boy), parachutes, golf clubs and golf carts. In The Lost and Damned, ProLaps appears on a banner in the basement of the Angels of Death HQ in the mission Action/Reaction. In Grand Theft Auto V, it is one of the brands featured in Sub Urban stores, and clothing and accessories are available for the player. In all HD Universe games, pedestrians, particularly joggers and sports players, are found wearing ProLaps clothing.


The company appears to be based on Reebok with influences of Adidas, Asics and Nike.

Clothing in GTA San Andreas

Item Respect % + Sex Appeal % + Price
Rimmers Jacket 5 5 $150
R-Star Jacket 10 5 $200
Dribblers Vest 7 5 $30
Saints Shirt 7 5 $30
69ers Shirt 7 5 $50
ProLaps T-Shirt 7 10 $50
ProLaps Black T 7 10 $50
Bandits Top 7 5 $70
Track Top 10 15 $85
Leisure Top 0 0 $30
Slappers Top 5 2 $150
Baseball T 10 5 $80
Track Pants 5 5 $100
Black Track Pants 5 5 $120
Blue Track Pants 5 5 $140
Ball Shorts 5 1 $60
Boxing Shorts 5 1 $60
Dribbler Shorts 5 1 $60
Leisure Pants 0 0 $50
Mid-Top Sneaker 5 3 $115
Black Hi-Tops 3 2 $70
Blue Hi-Tops 2 2 $65
Green Hi-Tops 5 2 $60
Red Sneakers 2 3 $80
Blue Sneakers 2 2 $75
White Sneakers 2 2 $70
White Mid-Tops 4 2 $70
Black Mid-Tops 4 2 $70
Boxing Shoes 0 0 $70
Stop Watch 0 0 $20
Saints Chain 1 0 $25
Pro-Laps White 0 0 $440
Pro-Laps Black 1 0 $700
Aviators 1 2 $150
Sun Glasses 2 2 $150
Green Cap 1 0 $40
Green Cap (Back) 1 0 $40
Green Cap (Side) 1 0 $40
Green Cap (Tilt) 1 0 $40
Green Cap (Up) 1 0 $40
Boxing Helmet 0 0 $80
Hockey Mask 2 0 $40
Fullface Helmet 2 1 $150
MotoX Helmet 0 0 $100
Helmut 1 0 $100


GTA San Andreas



  • The name Prolaps is a play on the word prolapse, meaning "to fall out of place"; or, more specifically, to a rectal prolapse. Together with the store's motto "[S]Train Hard", the joke behind the name is thus revealed, as a rectal prolapse is commonly caused by intense/prolonged straining during defecation.
  • The owner of the store in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas shows a very camp personality, and appears to use homosexual slang, parodying the stereotype of butch men interested in sports. This is also the case with Didier Sachs.
  • In Playboy X's room in his safehouse, the player can see a shoe box purchased in ProLaps.
  • Luis' fight club tee is manufactured by ProLaps.
  • One of the Da Nang Boys members wears a ProLaps shirt. Similarly, one of the Ballas members is wearing a purple ProLaps shirt, on the back it has the ProLaps logo.

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