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CutContent Logo The following is based on Grand Theft Auto V cut content and has not been verified by canon sources.
Please do not add unverified or speculative content to this article unless confirmed by Rockstar Games or in-game data.

The Programmable AR is a weapon that was cut from Grand Theft Auto V.


The Programmable AR is based on the XM25 CDTE Grenade Launcher. The name refers to the ability to adjust its range and fire rate of each grenade, as expected from the real life counterpart. Another fact that supports it is a text string that states that is mainly controlled by the firing button[2]. Its damage values are less than those of the Grenade Launcher, possibly a balance of its controllable burst feature.



  • The A.R in the name could have meant Airburst Round, due to its possible nature as a controllable burst grenade launcher.


  1. If restored using modifications, the HUD Icon will only appear if the weapon is assigned to the Rifles slot.
  2. From global.gxt2: AM_H_PROGAR = Press and hold ~INPUT_AIM~ to aim the Programmable A.R. then press ~INPUT_ATTACK~ to set the range.~n~Once the range has been set press ~INPUT_ATTACK~ to fire.


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