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"North Yankton, 9 years ago."
―GTA V description at the Rockstar Games Social Club.
Michael: "Alright, everybody pays attention, no one gets hurt."
Trevor: "Open the door or they'll get worse than hurt!"
―Michael and Trevor's first phrases.

Prologue is the first mission in Grand Theft Auto V, involving Michael Townley and Trevor Philips. It is set in 2004 in the town of Ludendorff, North Yankton.


In 2004, Michael Townley, Trevor Philips and Brad Snider rob a bank in Ludendorff. After locking several hostages in a closet, Trevor wires an explosive to the vault doors, and Michael detonates them via his phone. Michael and Trevor enter the vault and steal just under $180,000. As the team make their escape, Michael is held at gunpoint by a security guard, who also removes the mask from his head. Michael advises the guard to forget what he saw and leave, but Trevor shoots him in the head.

The trio blow open another door and exit the bank, but are already swarmed by the local law enforcement. A massive gunfight erupts, forcing the team to hold off the police before escaping. The team reach their getaway vehicle and proceed to drive away, but they are pursued by more officers, and their hired getaway driver is shot in the head. Michael pushes his body out of the door and grabs the wheel, crashing one of their pursuers' car into a roadside tree. The group continues towards the helicopter waiting for them, but are forced to change course after encountering a police roadblock. They then cross over train tracks, but are hit by an oncoming train causing them to lose control and crash their car into a tree. The three survive, and Trevor suggests an alternative route to their getaway chopper, but Michael insists that they stick to the plan.

The group continue on foot through the town, but realize the chopper is nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, Agent Dave Norton, hiding around a corner, shoots Brad with a Sniper Rifle and kills him. Dave fires again, this time at Michael. He behaves as if he is injured, though has no visible injuries. Trevor is forced to take out the attacking cops alone, refusing to leave his team behind, but Michael convinces him to leave. After briefly taking a woman hostage, Trevor successfully escapes into the snowy fields whilst still pursued by armed locals.

Some time later, in a local cemetery, a funeral for Michael (though it is actually Brad who is being buried) is held. Dave, the sniper who "shot" him, supervises the proceedings, whilst Michael himself watches from the distance and flicks away his cigarette.

The next mission Franklin and Lamar will automatically begin after the introductory theme.


Text reads "Ludendorff, North Yankton, nine years ago." The view then switches to Michael, Brad and Trevor robbing a bank. Brad throws a hostage to the ground.
Brad Get down there!
Michael Alright, everyone pay attention, no one gets hurt!
Trevor knocks his Carbine Rifle on a window, with a panicking security guard behind it.
Trevor Aarrgh! Open the door or they'll get worse than hurt!Hey, hey, ah! Come on!
The security guard opens the door. Trevor kicks the door open and hits the security guard with the stock of his Carbine.
Michael enters the room where the guard and two other hostages are. Michael handcuffs the guard and kicks him in the back. One of the two hostages tries to ring the alarm, but sees that Michael holds him at gunpoint and raises his hands.
Michael Don't even think about it!
Brad pushes a hostage towards a room.
Woman I'll do it. I'll do it...Oh god.
Brad Get in there!
Trevor enters a nearby room.
Trevor Sit tight. I'll handle the plastic.
Michael Don't blow yourself up!
Michael aims at the hostages, who get up and enter the back room.
Brad In the back! Come on!
Michael Listen up.
Male Employee What's he doing? He's going to kill us in here.
Brad Hurry!
Male Employee Leave us alone.
Second Male Employee We didn't do shit to you.
Trevor re-enters the room.
Trevor All set. Phone it in.
Michael I'm making the call.
Michael uses his phone and calls a contact called "Detonate". The bomb explodes, opening the vault.
Trevor Alright! We gonna do this, huh?
Trevor *laughs* Show me the money!
Michael Slow and steady, T. Slow and steady.
The crew enters the vault and start collecting the money.
Trevor There's enough here for all of us to enjoy!
Michael Depends how you look at it.
Michael finishes collecting the money. Trevor is standing at the entrance of the vault.
Trevor What's the hold up?
Trevor Coming out, B!
Both exit the vault. As Michael walks out, a security guard hidden behind the wall grabs Michael from behind, takes his balaclava off, and holds him at gunpoint.
Jaspers Give it up! I got him! I saw your face, I'll remember you!
Trevor is seen aiming at the guard.
Michael You forget a thousand things everyday. How 'bout sure this is one of 'em?
Jaspers I see it in his eyes! He's crazy!
The view switches to Trevor, who shoots the guard in the head.
Michael Fuck! You didn't have to do that!
Trevor Let's get going. There'll be time for grieving later.
Michael Yeah, you got that right.
Trevor Come on!
The crews walk towards another door. Michael and Trevor take cover, as Brad sets a charge on the door.
Brad I'm setting the charges. They're on a timer, so brace yourselves!
As Brad sets the charge, he goes in cover. The charge blows up, opening the door. Sirens are heard outside.
Michael Oh fuck. You hear that? Sirens!
Brad Fuck the cops! T., hit the shutter switch!
Trevor What's this? Local resistance?
Trevor hits the switch of the shutter, which opens. North Yankton State Patrol forces are seen outside.
Michael It ain't supposed to go down like this!
Trevor It never is. Come on. Go.
Brad and Trevor get their masks off. The crew fights the police forces on their way towards their escape vehicle.
Michael What the fuck is this?!
Trevor Don't be as dumb as you look!
Brad I ain't laying down for them!
Michael Drop it, prick!
Trevor Get out the way!
Michael Fuck these guys!
Trevor Can't be many more cops in this town. Bring 'em!
Michael This is fucked, man. The thing is blown.
Trevor I got my share. It's still wide open!
Brad Car's up here! Let's go.
Trevor Move! Come on!
Michael Kid mighta bailed. This wasn't in the job description. Let's move. Come on.
After killing the last officers, the crew gets in the car, where their Getaway Driver is waiting.
Driver What took ya so long?
Trevor Shut the fuck up and drive!
The car drives away on the road.
Brad Did you see that shit? I fuckin' put that bitch's face against the glass. Did you see that?
Michael Yeah, you're a real stallion.
Trevor Bahbahbahbahbahbahbahbahbahbah!
A police car starts pursuing the vehicle.
Driver Aw, fuck! How did that happen?
Brad Go! Go! Go! Go!
Trevor Fuck!
Trevor breaks the window with his rifle and shoots at the police car.
Driver Jeez, I think they're gonna..
The officer shoots the driver in the head.
Michael Aw, fuck! Local yokel's bought it!
Michael tosses the body out the car and gets on the wheel.
Brad That guy's a dick!
Michael Fuck you too.
Michael hits the police car. The car goes out of control and crashes in a tree.
Michael Fuck you!
Brad & Trevor Wooooh!
Trevor Come on! Let's go to the chopper! We move quick, we can beat the train!
Two police cars drive by.
Brad Cops! Coming our way!
Trevor Be cool...They ain't made this car yet.
Michael We're getting there!
A police roadblock is seen, blocking the way, forcing the crew to go right.
Brad Shit! Shit! Shit! Roadblock!
Trevor Go right! Beat the train, man!
As the car crosses the railroad, the train hits the rear. The car goes out of control and crashes in a tree.
Michael I got it, I...
Trevor Jesus!
The car being broken, the crew is forced to continue on foot.
Michael You guys alright?
Trevor Fuck! Come on. Ditch the car, alright? We can go this way to the chopper.
Michael No, hey! Stick to the plan.
Trevor What?
Michael Stick to the fucking plan! Come on.
Brad Where the fuck's the chopper?
A sniper is seen cocking his rifle hidden behind a shack.
Brad Fuck me, fuck, fuck! I'm gonna check around back.
The sniper hits Brad, who falls to the ground. Trevor gets to cover.
Trevor Run! It's the fucking feds! Someone must have fucking talked!
Michael walks towards the wounded Brad and examines his wound.
Michael Alright. Brad's gonna be fine, but we gotta get the fuck outta here!
The sniper hits Michael, who falls to the ground as well. The sniper runs away in the background.
Michael Aw, fuck! I'm hit! Ah, Jesus. T., you gotta get outta here.
Trevor Ain't gonna leave you, Mikey!
Michael Go! God, I'm not gonna make it. Fucking gonna bleed out. Aw, go...
Police cars arrive on scene.
Trevor Noooooo!
After shooting cops, Trevor escapes. A woman passes by.
Trevor Hey, you! Hey!
The woman tries to escape, but Trevor catches her and holds her as hostage while three officers arrive.
Woman Oh, god! Don't shoot!
Trevor Where's the chopper
Woman I don't know what you're talking about!
Trevor *to the offciers* Fucking stay back! You come near me, she's fuckin' dead! Stay back!
Trevor releases his hostage and runs away. The woman runs towards the officers.
Woman Oh, god! Help me, help me!
An officer takes the woman in his arms. He raises his hand.
Officer *to the officers* Go go!
The two officers pursue Trevor as he escapes in the fog. The view then switches to the graveyard, where multiple people, including a preacher, are gathered around Michael Townley's grave. A woman is seen crying.
Priest Michael was not always a good husband. Not always a good citizen. He did not die a hero's death. But he was a man. Our Lord was crucified with two thieves, so perhaps, we should not judge.. Michael.
Dave Norton is seen. Credits appear on-screen. Michael is seen close to the graveyard, smoking.
Priest We are born of sin, and we die in sin...And in this, Michael...was like anybody else. Father, we do not know your infinite mysteries. But we know...that you will show mercy to our friend.
Michael tosses his cigarette and walks away. Grand Theft Auto V's wordmark appears on-screen.



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  • Outside of the bank there is a dead security guard with a gunshot wound on his head; it is likely that he was killed by Trevor during the heist.
  • The aiming in this mission is set to "Traditional GTA" by default.
  • If Michael is taking too long in moving the hostages inside the room, Brad will come and do that for him.
  • In the mission in the enhanced version, Dave Norton wears a beanie and has no sunglasses.
  • Due to the mission being set nine years before the main storyline, Michael and Trevor's appearances are considerably different. Trevor has a near full head of hair and a mullet with a handlebar mustache as opposed to his receding hair in the main storyline. He also lacks most of his facial scars. Michael has fewer wrinkles and a shorter haircut.
  • During the mission Friends Reunited, Trevor will mention that after Michael and Amanda got married and had kids, Michael became "soft" and was less interested in crime and violence. This can be seen here as, while Trevor shouts and attacks the hostages, Michael will instead talk to them calmly to get them to the other room.
  • Michael and Trevor's character icons in the selection wheel show their 2004 appearances rather than their 2013 appearance. Trevor's icon is him wearing the ski goggles and the balaclava until the shootout with the police when he takes his mask off, then his icon changes to show his 2004 face.
  • This mission is set in 2004, the year Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released; this was the last game before GTA V to feature Los Santos.
  • This is, chronologically, the first mission in the HD Universe, taking place four years before the events of GTA IV.
  • If Michael or Trevor are killed at any time during the mission, the mission will fail and the text displayed will say "M died" or "T died" due to both characters not being properly introduced by name until the next mission.
  • This is the first appearance of Michael De SantaTrevor PhilipsDave Norton, and the only living appearance of Brad Snider (he reappears in Bury The Hatchet as a corpse).
  • The early version of this mission can be seen in the second trailer. In it, the team wore slightly different outfits.
  • This mission is set in December or early January after Christmas Eve 2003, due to a Christmas tree being visible in the window of the house to the right of the barn during the final shootout as well as Christmas decorations around the main sign in the bank's foyer. Interestingly enough, when the player returns to North Yankton in the mission Bury the Hatchet, the Christmas tree is still up. This is most likely just a developer oversight, as the North Yankton setting would have simply just been re-used with no changes made to it. This does not mean the main missions are also set in December nor January.
  • Michael and Trevor's outfits from the Prologue can be worn after GTA V is complete (however, the player must choose the Deathwish ending if they want both characters to wear their outfits).
  • The cell phone in this mission is different from the main story and is an older, outdated model, since the mission takes place in 2004.
  • Michael and Trevor cannot use their special abilities in this mission.
  • This is technically the first heist in the game; however, it is not counted as one.
  • There are five small blocks of money on the floor after entering the depository. They add $500 each ($2500 total) to this heist's reward and also to Michael's “Money picked up” statistic.
  • Foreshadowing later revelations about the background of this mission, Michael does not bleed out at all when he is shot, as compared to Brad, who bleeds after he is shot. It is explained later in the game that Michael was wearing a bulletproof vest and this entire mission was a setup to get Trevor and Brad both killed/arrested so that Michael could end his criminal life and live in peace in Los Santos. Another piece of foreshadowing seen in this mission is after the security guard is shot by Trevor, and Michael tells Trevor that he didn't have to do that; Trevor replies with "There will be time for grieving later" to which Michael says, "You've got that right". This is a reference to the plan that Michael and Dave had set up already before the heist.
    • Despite that, Michael does not have any body armor in the mission, most likely to not reveal too much of the plot before the player is able to find out themselves.
  • During the cutscene when Michael tells Trevor to run and he is going to bleed out, Brad can be seen finally succumbing to his wounds, and his body will not move after this, indicating that he has died.
  • This is the only time where the Police Roadcruiser and the Police Rancher appear, along with several snow-covered vehicles, which include the Emperor, Rancher XL and the Fieldmaster. The only difference to Bury The Hatchet is that Sadlers, Mesas and the unique Asea appear.
  • As with all the other missions (with the exception of Dead Man Walking), if the player chooses to replay this level anytime during the main storyline, the characters weapon wheel will have the weapons already collected in game.
    • If Trevor's Carbine Rifle has a Suppressor, when shooting at the police from the getaway vehicle, the muzzle flash will appear as if the suppressor wasn't there; also, the gun's sound will not be suppressed.
    • Similarly, if Michael's Carbine Rifle has a Suppressor, once he proceeds to take the money in the cutscene, the weapon is placed near and the suppressor will trespass the wall.
  • Some police officers in the mission have the same character model as Dave Norton in this mission.
  • Many characters who refer to this mission mention that it happened "ten years ago", despite the mission actually happening in 2004, nine years before the storyline. This strongly reinforces the context that the mission takes place in early January 2004, where Christmas decorations from 2003 weren't removed yet.
    • It is possible that it happened in 2004, as Trevor will say in Friends Reunited it's been nearly ten years, and that in New Year 2014 it would have been ten years, further suggesting it was January 2004 when the heist occured.
  • The left headlight and some windows of getaway vehicle will be broken before the player gains control of it. However, if the player fails this sequence (either by abandoning car or changing route) and repeats it, the car will be in almost perfect condition with only windshield broken.
  • If the player is fast enough, they could actually be hit by the police cars just before reaching the getaway vehicle.
  • After Trevor kills the guard, he can return to the area with the hostages, but there is nothing to interact with.
  • It is possible to crash into the oncoming police car with the getaway vehicle, though it changes nothing.
  • With the exception of the getaway vehicle, the player cannot enter any of the vehicles encountered in this mission.
  • During the final shootout Brad's shotgun can't be picked up (even though it flashes like any other dropped weapon), since leaving the cover will automatically skip the shootout and end the mission.
  • Trevor and Brad's balaclava designs are unique to this mission, Brad wears a stripped balaclava and ski goggles, while Trevor wears a stripped balaclava and a ski mask/face guard combo. These are not obtainable and only appear in this mission, they are possibly exclusive to Ludendorff ski shops, as it snows a lot there.
  • This mission shares some similarities and (some differences) with the mission The Job in GTA Vice City.
    • Both missions show three men robbing (Tommy Vercetti, Cam Jones and Phil Cassidy in the aforementioned GTA VC mission while Trevor referred to as T, Michael referred to as M and Brad Snider in this mission) a bank while a fourth man serves as the driver/lookout who would both be the first men to be killed (Hilary King in GTA VC and the unknown accomplice in this mission). 
    • Only two men remain after the events of this mission. Trevor and Michael from this mission and Tommy Vercetti and Phil Cassidy after the events of The Job in GTA VC. The only difference is that Brad is scripted to die in this mission, while Cam Jones' death depends on the player (he no longer appears regardless of whether he dies or not).
  • The wanted level in this mission does not add time to the wanted level-focused stats (Last Wanted Level duration, Longest Wanted Level duration, and Time spent with a 5 star Wanted Level) for Michael and Trevor.
  • The jacket Michael wears during the funeral can only be worn if one was to have the Special/Collector's edition, or the enhanced version (PS4/Xbox One/PC)
  • It is mentioned in The Merryweather Heist that Lester had advised against going through with this heist, possibly knowing what was going to ultimately happen.
  • When directing the hostages inside the room you can see a Windows Vista background on the computer on the desk to the right, even though Windows Vista wasn't released till 2006, about 2 years after the Prologue, this is likely an oversight on Rockstar's part


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