Text reads "Ludendorff, North Yankton, nine years ago." The view then switches to Michael, Brad and Trevor robbing a bank. Brad throws a hostage to the ground.
Brad Get down there!
Michael Alright, everyone pays attention, no one gets hurt!
Trevor knocks his Carbine Rifle on a window, with a panicking security guard behind it.
Trevor Aarrgh! Open the door or they'll get worse than hurt! Hey, hey, ah! Come on!
The security guard opens the door. Trevor kicks the door open.
Trevor Argh, finally, you prick!
Trevor hits the security guard with the stock of his Carbine.
Trevor Let's go, shut up! Shut the fuck up!
Michael enters the room where the guard and two other hostages are.
Michael Hands behind your back!
Michael starts handcuffing the security guard.
Security Guard C'mon mister, we're giving you everything you want...
One of the two hostages tries to ring the alarm, but sees that Michael holds him at gunpoint and raises his hands.
Michael Don't even think about it!
Michael kicks the security guard towards the other hostages. Brad pushes another hostage in the room.
Woman I'll do it. I'll do it...Oh god.
Brad Get in there!
Trevor enters a nearby room.
Trevor Sit tight. I'll handle the plastic.
Michael Don't blow yourself up!
Michael aims at the hostages, who get up and enter the back room.
Brad In the back! Come on!
Michael Listen up.
Male Employee What's he doing? He's going to kill us in here.
Michael Hurry!
Male Employee Leave us alone.
Second Male Employee We didn't do shit to you.
Trevor re-enters the room.
Trevor All set. Phone it in.
Michael I'm making the call.
Michael uses his phone and calls a contact called "Detonate". The bomb explodes, opening the vault. Trevor excitedly laughs.
Trevor Alright! We gonna do this, huh?
Trevor *laughs* Show me the money!
Michael Slow and steady, T. Slow and steady.
The crew enters the vault and start collecting the money.
Trevor Oh... there's enough here for us all to enjoy!
Michael Depends how you look at it.
Michael finishes collecting the money. Trevor is standing at the entrance of the vault.
Trevor What's the hold up?
Trevor Coming out, B!
Both exit the vault. As Michael walks out, a security guard hidden behind the wall grabs Michael from behind, takes his balaclava off, and holds him at gunpoint.
Jaspers Give it up! I got him! I saw your face, I'll remember you!
Trevor is seen aiming at the guard.
Michael You forget a thousand things everyday. How 'bout sure this is one of 'em?
Jaspers I see it in his eyes! He's crazy!
The view switches to Trevor, who shoots the guard in the head.
Michael Fuck! You didn't have to do that!
Trevor Let's get going. There'll be time for grieving later.
Michael Yeah, you got that right.
Trevor Come on!
The crews walk towards another door. Michael and Trevor take cover, as Brad sets a charge on the door.
Brad I'm setting the charges. They're on a timer, so brace yourselves!
As Brad sets the charge, he goes in cover. The charge blows up, opening the door. Sirens are heard outside.
Michael Oh fuck. You hear that? Sirens!
Brad Fuck the cops! T., hit the shutter switch!
Trevor What's this? Local resistance?
Trevor hits the switch of the shutter, which opens. North Yankton State Patrol forces are seen outside.
Michael It ain't supposed to go down like this!
Trevor It never is. Come on. Go.
Brad and Trevor get their masks off. The crew fights the police forces on their way towards their escape vehicle.
Michael What the fuck is this?!
Trevor Don't be as dumb as you look!
Brad I ain't laying down for them!
Michael Drop it, prick!
Trevor Get out the way!
Michael Fuck these guys!
Trevor Can't be many more cops in this town. Bring 'em!
Michael This is fucked, man. The thing is blown.
Trevor I got my share. It's still wide open!
Brad Car's up here! Let's go.
Trevor Move! Come on!
Michael Kid mighta bailed. This wasn't in the job description. Come on, get to the driver!
After killing the last officers, the crew gets in the car, where their Getaway Driver is waiting.
Driver What took ya so long?
Trevor Shut the fuck up and drive!
The car drives away on the road.
Brad Did you see that shit? I fuckin' put that bitch's face against the glass. Did you see that?
Michael Yeah, you're a real stallion.
Trevor Bahbahbahbahbahbahbahbahbahbah!
A police car starts pursuing the vehicle.
Driver Aw, fuck! How did that happen?
Brad Go! Go! Go! Go!
Trevor Fuck!
Trevor breaks the window with his rifle and shoots at the police car.
Driver Jeez, I think they're gonna..
The officer shoots the driver in the head.
Michael Aw, fuck! Local yokel's bought it!
Michael tosses the body out the car and gets on the wheel.
Brad That guy's a dick!
Michael Fuck you too.
Michael hits the police car. The car goes out of control and crashes in a tree.
Michael Fuck you!
Brad & Trevor Wooooh!
Trevor Come on! Let's go to the chopper! We move quick, we can beat the train!
Two police cars drive by.
Brad Cops! Coming our way!
Trevor Be cool...They ain't made this car yet.
Michael We're getting there!
A police roadblock is seen, blocking the way, forcing the crew to go right.
Brad Shit! Shit! Shit! Roadblock!
Trevor Go right! Beat the train, man!
As the car crosses the railroad, the train hits the rear. The car goes out of control and crashes in a tree.
Michael I got it, I...
Trevor Jesus!
The car being broken, the crew is forced to continue on foot.
Michael You guys alright?
Trevor Fuck! Come on. Ditch the car, alright? We can go this way to the chopper.
Michael No, hey! Stick to the plan.
Trevor What?
Michael Stick to the fucking plan! Come on.
Brad Where the fuck's the chopper?
A sniper is seen cocking his rifle hidden behind a shack.
Brad Fuck me, fuck, fuck! I'm gonna check around back.
The sniper hits Brad, who falls to the ground. Trevor gets to cover.
Trevor Run! It's the fucking feds! Someone must have fucking talked!
Michael walks towards the wounded Brad and examines his wound.
Michael Alright. Brad's gonna be fine, but we gotta get the fuck outta here!
The sniper hits Michael, who falls to the ground as well. The sniper runs away in the background.
Michael Aw, fuck! I'm hit! Ah, Jesus. T., you gotta get outta here.
Trevor Ain't gonna leave you, Mikey!
Michael Go! God, I'm not gonna make it. Fucking gonna bleed out. Aw, go...
Police cars arrive on scene.
Trevor Noooooo!
After shooting cops, Trevor escapes. A woman passes by.
Trevor Hey, you! Hey!
The woman tries to escape, but Trevor catches her and holds her as hostage while three officers arrive.
Woman Oh, god! Don't shoot!
Trevor Where's the chopper?
Woman I don't know what you're talking about!
Trevor *to the officers* Fucking stay back! You come near me, she's fuckin' dead! Stay back!
Trevor releases his hostage and runs away. The woman runs towards the officers.
Woman Oh, god! Help me, help me!
An officer takes the woman in his arms. He raises his hand.
Officer *to the officers* Go go!
The two officers pursue Trevor as he escapes in the fog. The view then switches to the graveyard, where multiple people, including a preacher, are gathered around Michael Townley's grave. A woman is seen crying.
Priest Michael was not always a good husband. Not always a good citizen. He did not die a hero's death. But he was a man. Our Lord was crucified with two thieves, so perhaps, we should not judge.. Michael.
Dave Norton is seen. Credits appear on-screen. Michael is seen close to the graveyard, smoking.
Priest We are born of sin, and we die in sin...And in this, Michael...was like anybody else. Father, we do not know your infinite mysteries. But we know...that you will show mercy to our friend.
Michael tosses his cigarette and walks away. Grand Theft Auto V's wordmark appears on-screen.