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Propositions are initiatives in which the people can directly vote on a law. In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, there are three propositions mentioned on the radio and in Grand Theft Auto V, there is one proposition mentioned on the radio.


Proposition 208
Proposed law to legalize medical cocaine. It is mentioned once on The Fernando Show by Sue Murry who's for its ratification and Fernando Martinez agrees with her on it.
Proposition 421
Proposed law against smoking, which would allow a citizen to legally shoot and kill a smoker for defense. It is referenced to frequently, specifically by Maurice of "Gardening With Maurice" where he complains that he should be able to smoke it as it comes from the ground "like coal or opium".
Proposition 602
Proposed law to end mass-transit, converting bus-lanes and train tracks into more roads for the benefit of car owners. Can be heard frequently on SF-UR.
Proposition 832
Proposed law to keep immigrants (illegal aliens) out of well-paid jobs. It is advocated by B.I.G.O.T. (Ban Immigration Green Cards Outright Today): "If we give them green cards, soon they’ll be just like us - overweight, unhappy, and too lazy to do menial tasks."

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