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"Leave a present to your friends with these motion sensor landmines. Short delay after activation."
— In-game description, GTA V

Proximity Mines are weapons used in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


"Once armed, the mine will detect any nearby movement and explode. Safety notice: once set, never go back to check it."
— Description in Chinatown Wars.

When placed, they will not explode unless a person/vehicle approach it, much like the cut Land Mines in earlier GTA games. Proximity Mines cost $500 at Ammu-Nation.

When placed, any pedestrian or vehicle, including the player, will activate the proximity mine, beeping very fast and then, explodes. When placed onto a vehicle driven by an NPC or another player, it will take 1-2 seconds to activate and explode, making it a useful device. However, if the same is placed onto an inactive vehicle, it will not explode, being perfect for a trap.

However, the player only can carry 5 mines, which means a faster use. Due to the short delay, the player must be quick as possible.


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GTA Chinatown Wars

  • Available in Ammu-Nation after the Fully-Cocked Upgrade is purchase.


  • In story mode, it becomes available in all three protagonists' weapon inventory after the update is installed. (Original version only)
  • In story mode, it is available in Ammu-Nation after Friends Reunited is completed in the campaign. (Enhanced version only)

GTA Online


  • Proximity Mines do not disappear even if the player goes far away or is killed.

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