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===Mission Gold Requirements===
===Mission Gold Requirements===
:<font COLOR="DAA520" size="4">●</font> Mission Time - Complete within 06:00
:<font COLOR="DAA520" size="4">●</font> Mission Time - Complete within 05:00
:<font COLOR="DAA520" size="4">●</font> Unhook Bonus - Keep the vehicle hooked until delivery
:<font COLOR="DAA520" size="4">●</font> Unhook Bonus - Keep the vehicle hooked until delivery

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"JB appreciate all you doin'. Just one more job with me, and I promise this gonna be the last time."

Pulling One Last Favor is a Strangers and Freaks side mission in Grand Theft Auto V. Completing this side-mission contributes toward 100% Completion.


Tonya is back in front of the liquor store in Strawberry when Franklin rolls up. Franklin is disappointed in her because she still looks and acts like a habitual crack user despite having told him she and JB quit.

She gets defensive, but Franklin has exhausted his patience and gets fed up. He then tells her what he already knows: she needs him to tow one last car.


Mission Prerequisites

Before this Freak will appear on the map for Franklin, the player must complete:

Mission Objectives

To complete this mission, the player must:

  • Meet Tonya at the liquor store.
  • Drive to the tow truck.
  • Find the crashed car.
  • Tow the vehicle to the towing impound lot in Davis.
  • Release the vehicle in the drop-off zone.

Mission Details

Meet with Tonya at the liquor store across the street from Franklin's aunt's house in Strawberry. Allow her to give Franklin her sob story and then get in a vehicle. Be sure to allow Tonya to enter before moving, and then drive to the tow impound yard and get in the tow truck.

Drive the truck through an exit gate and a blue dot will appear on the map signifying the location of the crashed car you must tow. The car has crashed intoa palm tree on Vespucci Boulevard.

Drive to the car and position the tow truck behind the crashed vehicle and back into it. Lower the tow hitch by holding down on the L stick, and when it is close enough to the vehicle it will auto-attach. Then push up on the L-stick to raise the hitched car.

Take the vehicle to the Vapid Dealership on Adam's Apple Boulevard (a yellow dot and path will appear to assist you). If you drive too erratically or collide with too many obstacles, the car will become unhitched and you will have to hook it back up again.

Once at the dealership, drive it onto the yellow marker, hold down on the L-stick to lower the vehicle, and then hold right on the D-pad to unhitch the car.

Finally, drive Tonya back to the towing impound lot in Davis to end the mission.

Mission Gold Requirements

Mission Time - Complete within 05:00
Unhook Bonus - Keep the vehicle hooked until delivery

Mission Failure

The mission will fail if the player:

  • Abandons, injures or spooks Tonya.
  • Destroys the abandoned vehicle.
  • Gets busted.
  • Dies.

Mission Epilogue

A short time after leaving the tow yard, Franklin will receive a phone call from Tonya. It tuns out that despite Franklin's help, they are still losing the towing service. She suggests that since he's such a high roller, that Franklin purchase the company and keep JB on as a driver after "he gets his head straight". Franklin tells her he'll have to think about it.

At this point the Towing Impound Lot becomes a property that can be purchased by Franklin for $150,000. Income is $500 per towed car.

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