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This article concerns the district of Queens in San Fierro. For the Liberty City borough based on Queens, New York, see Dukes.

Queens, San Fierro.

Queens DetailedMap HQ

Detailed map of Queens, San Fierro.

Queens is a district of San Fierro, San Andreas.


Queens appears to house most of San Fierro's gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender population. Because of this, many gay and lesbian couples can be seen holding hands or kissing. The neighborhood is bordered by City Hall to the west, Santa Flora to the north, Hashbury to the south and King's to the east.

The lampposts have gay pride flags on them, which emit a pink glow at night.

Prominent Locations




Stationary vehicles



Judging by its name and appearance ("Queen" is a slang term for a homosexual male), Queens appears to be based on the Castro District of San Francisco, an area populated by the gay community. The wide boulevard winding up the hill is also meant to resemble Market Street in San Francisco that winds up Twin Peaks through the Castro.



  • In the game's files there is also a power line post with a rainbow 'sock' on it meant for this area, however it is left unused.


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