R. S. & L. Bows is a family-owned butchers business in Vice City in 1986 (and possibly in 2013 in Grand Theft Auto 2). 

Grand Theft Auto 2

There is a meat processing plant by the same name in Anywhere City in GTA 2. It is a primary location for one mission given by the Russian Mafia. The player must gather pedestrians with a bus and bring them to the plant. They are turned to Hot Dogs and served at The Kovski Diner. In the PlayStation version of the game, a Karma Bus is used and instead of pedestrians, the player gathers members of the Hare Krishna.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Mules, Yankees, Boxvilles and Rumpos bearing the company's name and logo can be seen driving around Vice City in GTA: Vice City although they are more common in the mainland than the beach. R.S & L. Bows Mules are either dark blue, grey or maroon in color. If a R.S. & L. Bows Mule's back door is broken off, meat carcasses can be seen inside.



  • The company's name is a reference to the British phrase "not know one's arse from one's elbow", meaning a very stupid person.
  • The company's slogan is another of Rockstar Games' sexual jokes, as "beat our meat" is a slang term for masturbation. This slogan is also used by Chihuahua Hotdogs in Grand Theft Auto IV.