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RC Triad Take-Down is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. The mission is started by entering a TOYZ van in Chinatown, Portland Island, Liberty City. The goal of the mission is to kill at least 20 Triads using an RC Bandit. 3 seconds are added for each Triad killed.

The reward is $1,000. The mission can be replayed after completing but the new goal is to beat the previous record of the player.


  • The mission relies more on luck than skill, as many attempts are likely to be needed before a sufficient
    number of Triad members spawn within range.
  • Detonating the RC Bandit too close to the van will damage it and eventually lead to it catching fire and exploding, wasting Toni (who cannot leave the van while the mission is under way). Unfortunately, Triads often spawn standing right in front of the van. For this reason, try to kill them towards the end of the 20 quota, if possible.


  • In this mission there is a rare glitch. When you detonate the RC Bandit trying to kill the Triads, after re-spawning for the next detonation, the timer will freeze. This allows you to roam freely around the entire map (if other islands unlocked) without the worry of auto-detonating the car, which means you can ride like you're in a normal car. However pressing Circle will make the car explode, and if you hit the RC many times, it will start sparking, then blow smoke, and finally catch fire, then the RC explodes, but strangely enough, it won't show a WASTED message, instead, the game thinks you're still in the car riding, so the camera can be controlled, but the RC is blown up so the vehicle is uncontrollable, to fix this glitch you need to Load a save game or restart the game. (Tested on PS2 only) 

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