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Radio Broker is a radio station appearing in Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty City. Each stand-alone game has an exclusive tracklist, but downloading The Lost and Damned for Grand Theft Auto IV updates the station to include all songs.

Actress/rock musician Juliette Lewis, appearing as herself, serves as the station's DJ.


Exclusive for Grand Theft Auto IV

Exclusive for Episodes from Liberty City and The Lost and Damned

  • Blonde Acid Cult - "Shake It Loose" (2007)
  • Kill Memory Crash - "Hell on Wheels" (2008)
  • Magic Dirt - "Get Ready to Die" (2009)
  • Brazilian Girls - "Nouveau Americain" (2008)
  • Freeland - "Borderline" (2009)
  • Kreeps - "The Hunger (Blood in My Mouth)"
  • Japanther - "Radical Businessman" (2008)
  • Foxylane - "Command"
  • Monotonix - "Body Language" (2008)
  • Game Rebellion - "Dance Girl (GTA Mix)"
  • The Yelling - "Blood on the Steps" (2008)
  • The Jane Shermans - "I Walk Alone"


  • The songs "Borderland" by Freeland and "Get Ready to Die" by Magic Dirt were released in 2009, this is misplaced as The Lost and Damned is set in 2008, same time as Grand Theft Auto IV.
  • Radio Broker is Mori and Brucie Kibbutz's favorite radio station
  • The station plays at the Express Car Service and also at the Burger Shot and Cluckin' Bell outlets.
  • The Greenskeepers, whose song, "Vagabond", appears on Radio Broker, recorded an earlier song called "Lotion", about Buffalo Bill from the film Silence of the Lambs. Liberty Rock Radio 97.8 plays the song "Goodbye Horses" by Q Lazzarus, which is the song Buffalo Bill dances to in the film.
  • Songs planned for the station in GTA IV but not included are listed in the file "american.gxt":
  • Other songs:
    • Greenskeepers - "Lotion"
  • Additional deleted songs are listed in american.gxt for The Lost and Damned:
    • Blonde Acid Cult - "Calypso"
    • Free Blood - "Quick and Painful" (2007)
    • The Carps - "Porgie & Bess (Big Booty Girls)" (2008)
    • The Carps - "Veronica Belmont" (2008)
    • TK Webb & The Visions - "Shame" (2008)
    • Scissors for Lefty - "Consumption Junction" (2008)
    • The Soft Pack - "Nightlife" (2009)
    • Foxylane - "Same Shirt" (2007)
    • Kudu - "Give Me Your Head"
    • Tame Impala - "Half-Full Glass of Wine" (2008)
    • The Bronx - "Knifeman" (2008)
    • Lou Reed - "Vicious" (1972)
  • In TBoGT, when asking the driver to put on Radio Broker in a Taxi, Luis Lopez will refer to the station as "The hipster rock station"

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