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[[Category:Radio Stations in GTA Liberty City Stories]]
[[Category:Radio Stations in GTA Liberty City Stories]]
[[Category:Radio Stations]]
[[Category:Radio Stations]]
[[pl:Radio Del Mundo]]

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Radio Del Mundo is a World beat music station featuring non-English music from East India and from various other Asian and Middle Eastern countries. The DJ is Panjit Gavaskar, who is also East Indian. By 2001 the station seems to be out of business.


  • Ananda Shankar - "Raghupati"
  • Asha Bhonsle - "Dum Maro Dum"
  • Vijaya Anand - "Neeve Nanna (Only You Were Mine)"
  • Natacha Atlas - "Kidda"
  • Farid El Attrach - "Hebeena Hebeena"
  • Ahmed Mneimneh - "Aini Bet Ref"
  • Ofra Haza - "Im Nin'Alu"
  • Samira Tawfic - "Ballaa Tsoubou Hul Kahwa"


  • All taxis in Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories have Radio Del Mundo as their default radio station.
  • Despite the Spanish name (which means "Radio of the World"), no song heard on the station is Spanish.

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