The first Grand Theft Auto has seven radio stations and a police band track, which can be heard once the player enters a car.

The game's main theme is "Gangster Friday" by Craig Conner (who also played all instruments on the track). It is credited to the fictitious band Slumpussy, appears on N-CT FM, and will be the first song the player hears upon starting the game. With the exception of Head Radio FM, the names of songs or the radio station names are never mentioned in-game. However the soundtrack is listed in the booklet which comes with the game.

Technical Info

On the PC version of the game disc, the radio station audio is stored in standard CD audio tracks. As a result, PC players can remove the CD once the game is loaded and replace it with an audio CD. The next time the character enters a vehicle, a song from the CD will randomly play.

The radio stations can also be played outside the game by putting the game disc into a normal audio CD player, as long as track 1 (which contains the game data) is skipped over.

Radio stations

Brooklyn Underground FM

Genre: Trance, Techno and Oldschool Jungle


  • Retrograde - "Benzoate" (C.Conner)
  • Government Listening Post - "E104" (C.Conner)
  • Trancefer - "Figiwhiz" (C.Conner)

The Fix FM

Genre: Techno/Apartment


  • Animal Testing Centre - "DSP" (C.Conner)
  • Rotorman - "Ride" (C.Conner)
  • Technophiliak - "Lagerstar" (G.Middleton)

The Fergus Buckner Show FM

Genre: Country


  • Sideways Hank O'Malley (and The Alabama Bottle Boys) - "The Ballad of Chapped-Lips Calhoun" (C.Anderson/B.Baglow)

Head Radio FM

Genre: Pop/Rock


  • Reality Bubble - "Days Like These" (C.Conner)
  • Meme Traders - "Automatic Transmission" (Grant Middleton)
  • Ohjaamo - "Complications" (C.Conner)

It's Unleashed FM

Genre: Alternative/Hard rock


  • Stikki Fingers - "4 Letter Love" (C.Anderson/B.Baglow)
  • The Hounds - "Let It Out" (C.Conner)
  • Bleeding Stump - "Just Do It" (C.Anderson)


Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap


  • Slumpussy - "Gangster Friday" (Craig Conner)
  • Slumpussy - "This Life" (C.Conner/Robert DeNegro)
  • CCC Featuring Robert DeNegro - "Blow Your Console" (C.Conner/R.DeNegro)

Radio '76 FM

Genre: Funk/Retro (This radio station's name is referred to in-game as Funk FM.)


  • Ghetto Fingers - "On The Move" (Colin Anderson)
  • Ashtar - "Aori" (C.Anderson)
  • Stylus Exodus - "Pootang Shebang" (C.Anderson)