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Rampages in GTA III

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Rampage Pickup

The Rampage icon in GTA III

Below is a list of rampages and their respective locations that can be found throughout Liberty City in GTA III. There are 20 rampages in total, both having two locations.


  • Between two garages in Saint Marks. Kill 20 Mafia with an AK-47.
  • In an alleyway near Bitchin' Dog Food Factory in Trenton. Kill 20 Triads with a shotgun.
  • The same place where you start a Rampage in the mission Trial By Fire". Kill 20 Triads with an Uzi.
  • In an alleyway in Red Light District near a set of stairs. Murder 30 Diablos with M16.
  • In the middle of the train tracks in Saint Marks. Explode 8 vehicles with grenades.

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