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Rampages in GTA III

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Rampage Pickup

The Rampage icon in GTA III

Below is a list of rampages and their respective locations that can be found throughout Liberty City in GTA III. There are 20 rampages in total, both having two locations. All of the rampages have a time limit of 2 minutes to be completed, otherwise they will be failed and the rampage will get moved to a second location. If you fail it here, the rampage will move back to its original place, and then in the second place and so on...


Portland (second locations)


  • North west corner of the car park in which you do the mission, "Kingdom Come". Kill 25 Yakuza with a flamethrower.
  • On the top of the AMCO building. Use the stairs to get there. Kill 17 Yardies with a sniper rifle.
  • In the Cathedral's graveyard, accesibile through a small gap in the wall at the west end of the building. Kill 30 Yardies with a rocket launcher.
  • South-west corner of the park in Belleville Park. Destroy 8 vehicles with a shotgun.
  • Find the over pass that takes you from the south-east corner of the Panlantic construction site, over the other dual carriageway with the grassy ledge in the middle. Driving from the north end of this overpass on the east side, you should see the rampage in the doorway of a building just as the road drops back down into the city. Kill 16 Yakuza with molotov cocktails.
  • At the south side of St. Matthias University in Liberty Campus. Between the university block and some apartments. Destroy 16 vehicles with a M16.
  • In an alleyway behind the fire station. Kill 25 Yardies with molotov cocktails.

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