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In GTA Vice City, there are thirty-five spinning glowing white skull Rampages Pickups which can be found throughout Vice City. All 35 rampages must be completed to achieve 100% Completion.


GTA Vice City rampage icon.

Each 2:00 minute rampage is begun when the player walks into the spinning skull pickup icon, then two additional countdowns are displayed - both time and kills remaining. A particular weapon for that rampage then replaces brass knuckles or fist - no other weapon selections can be made during the rampage and movement may be restricted according to the weapon type, such as preventing sprint. A typical rampage duration will last two minutes and require the annihilation of a count ranging from ten to thirty-five victims/targets inflicted by the rampage weapon within the remaining time limit, no other kill types reduce the remaining kills required to complete the rampage such as vehicle collisions or explosions. Typically gang members are targeted by each rampage; however boats are also among the targets as noted. Wanted Level in GTA Vice City present when the rampage is begun accumulate with stars which are easily earned adversely and increase the total wanted level. Failed rampages continue play with all earned stars. Successful completion of the rampage will reset the entire Wanted Level to zero, including all stars which were earned before the rampage was begun and the reward for completion of each rampage begins at $50 for the first and is incremented by $50 for each successful termination. The bonus for completing all 35 is $?. Hint: Because rampage completion clears the players wanted level entirely, the challenges offer an alternative to Police Bribes, Pay 'n' Spray and costume changes. Tip: Keep an eye on the kill countdown when targets fall injured to the ground so the player can remain nearby and finish the kill. Overlooked wounded combatants rise, becoming a two-front hazard. Tip: As long as the player scores the fatal strokes certain rampages such as closeup Melee Weapons skirmishes can be enhanced by the extra bullets whizzing nearby from law enforcement fire.


The following is a list of rampage locations, grouped by area counterclockwise from Ocean Beach to accommodate the nature of unlocking the story. Each entry begins with detailed origin of the location described to aid in pinpointing the rampage location then in relation to nearby landmarks features or pickups, kills required - the countdown of targets (gang members unless otherwise noted), and the rampage weapon or implement of destruction assigned. Access notes may be included at the end followed by hints, tips then pickups found nearby.

Ocean Beach

GTA Vice City - Ocean Beach Rampages HD-111:55

GTA Vice City - Ocean Beach Rampages HD-1

  • On an artificial island, the former hut on pilings, south of Ocean Bay Marina, destroy 20 boats using a Rocket Launcher. Access by boat or helicopter. Tip: Lead your target at the waterline intersection predicted based upon the travel time of the rocket and the watercraft speed.
  • South of the Alberta Hotel, on the path leading from Lance Vance's Apartment to the Vice City Lighthouse, kill 30 gang members by throwing Molotov Cocktails upon them. Tip: can be used to summon Firetrucks for an early Firefighter challenge start.
  • On the beach, a little way north of the Lighthouse, run-over and kill 30 gang members using any vehicle. Hint: bring a maneuverable car which inflicts maximum pedestrian damage to the rampage pickup, then start, jump in, and accelerate toward Ocean Ave. - Run-over gang members on pavement for more control than on sand or turf. PCJ-600, Oceanic, Taxi are not as effective as a Banshee, Phoenix or Cheetah.
  • Southwest corner of the rooftop of the South building directly adjoining the multistory 'Washington Ave.' car park, kill 30 gang members using a Sniper Rifle.
  • Next to the western tower of the Ocean View Medical Foundation kill 25 gang members using a Carbine Rifle.
  • East by the alley, in the Southwest block of green townhomes - first East courtyard North from the street North of Pay 'n' Spray and just South of Washington Mall and Southwest across the 'L' shaped alley from Going fuel station/car wash. Kill 10 gang members wielding a Katana.
  • Southeast corner behind an opened gate of pink rental, West across the street from Rafael's, kill 20 gang members with a Chainsaw.
  • On top of the Washington Mall, kill ?0 gang members with a Shotgun. Tip: to preserve health lost when jumping down to provide a target rich environment, after starting use a vehicle to jump a rooftop carpark ramp.

Vice Point

GTA Vice City - Vice Point Rampages HD12:22

GTA Vice City - Vice Point Rampages HD

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Starfish Island

GTA Vice City - Starfish Island Rampage HD01:45

GTA Vice City - Starfish Island Rampage HD

  • Next to the westernmost house kill 35 Gang Members with a vehicle.


GTA Vice City - Downtown Rampages HD08:53

GTA Vice City - Downtown Rampages HD

Little Haiti

GTA Vice City - Little Haiti Rampages HD03:30

GTA Vice City - Little Haiti Rampages HD

  • By the water just south of the Junkyard located in the Southwestern part of Little Haiti kill ? with ?.
  • Behind the sixth house on the left when going north on the road just East of the Print Works kill 30 Gang Members with an Tec-9 .

Little Havana

GTA Vice City - Little Havana Rampages HD04:51

GTA Vice City - Little Havana Rampages HD


GTA Vice City - Viceport Rampages HD-003:56

GTA Vice City - Viceport Rampages HD-0

Escobar International area

GTA Vice City - Escobar International Rampages HD04:32

GTA Vice City - Escobar International Rampages HD

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