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Ran Fa Li (mission)

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You may be looking for the person of the same name.
"Hey CJ. Let me introduce you to Shuk Foo Ran Fa Li. He heads the Red Gecko Tong on the West Coast."
Wu Zi Mu

Ran Fa Li is a mission given to protagonist Carl Johnson from Triad leader Wu Zi Mu from his betting shop in Chinatown, San Fierro, San Andreas.


Carl visits Woozie after helping him out in the last mission where he is introduced to Ran Fa Li, the leader of the Red Gecko Tong. He also informs him that the Da Nang Boys, a Vietnamese crime family, are preparing to move to the United States, which was most likely the reason for the attack on the Blood Feather Triad. After a disagreement regarding Carl's position in the organization, they agree to allow him to handle the task of retrieving a package left in a car at the airport. Carl manages to obtain the car and take it to a lockup in Esplanade North while avoiding the Da Nang Boys' assassins. 

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Pick up the car from the airport car park
  • Take the car back to the garage


  • After stealing the Manana, it is advised to take the route through Easter Basin, as it will only engage three enemies (two FCR-900s and one Sadler). If you take the route through Doherty and Calton Heights, it will engage up to six enemies (two Sabres and one Manana). Even safer way is to enter the airport using a helicopter, which will prevent the back gate from being locked beyond open, take a Baggage, Utility Van, Super GT (often locked) or an NRG-500 (does not spawn very often) from within the airport, leave it half-through one of the back gates to prevent it from closing, run to the blip and then to the marked car (do NOT use a vehicle or the one at the gates will disappear), enter and exit the car, shoot the incoming Da Nang boy, re-enter the car, go through the still-open back gate and use a ramp at the south-western end of the runway to jump to the Easter Basin Docks (jump at the angle of about 20° to the left to avoid hitting the small red building and eventually flipping the car over), which will result in only the sadler giving chase.


  • The reward for this mission is $6000 and increased respect. The mission Lure is unlocked.


  • If the player destroys a car driven by one of the Da Nang Boys, they might steal another car in the street to continue their chase, albeit without shooting at the player.
  • One of the Sabre drivers can be seen doing the drive-by instead of the passenger.
  • The target car is completely damage-proof and unmovable until entered, which prevents the player from towing or pushing the car to the garage before being engaged by the Da Nang boys
  • During the mission, the back gates of the airport (by the two helipads) are locked and will not open, even if the player has already obtained a pilot's license.

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