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The Declasse Rancher XL is a four-door off-road SUV in Grand Theft Auto V. It is a four-door derivative of the Rancher from Grand Theft Auto IV, and it is based on the 1986-1991 Chevrolet Suburban.

Rancher XL Getaway Car

A snow-covered Declasse Rancher XL, off road is used by the player during the beginning part of the game that happens (on the bank robbery at Ludendorff town on North Yankton is the scape SUV)

Rancher XL North Yankton State Patrol

The North Yankton State Patrol Troopers use a police version of it that have at the rear side under the window the legend "Trooper of the year 1951". The only difference is the lightbar and the skin.


  • Can be found around the lone building on the far southwest end of the Los Santos Airport.
  • It can rarely be found driven around the streets of Los Santos


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