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Image Characters Encounters Description Time Available Unlocked Locations
Arnaud-TBOGT2 Arnaud First Encounter Just take Arnaud to the massage spa in Chinatown. 24 hours After "Practice Swing" and "Chinese Takeout" In front of the Viendemorte restaurant in The Triangle.
Second Encounter Go find the pimp who stole Arnaud's wallet in Little Bay, then just chase and kill him. After "Practice Swing" and "Chinese Takeout"/First Encounter North of Fortside in Bohan.

Daisie Cash-Cooze

Image Characters Description Time Available Unlocked Locations
DaisieCash-Cooze-TBOGT Daisie Cash-Cooze Just keep following Daisie directions until you found the guy that is leaking her video. From 9PM to 6AM After "Caught With Your Pants Down" Inside the Maisonette 9 nightclub in Westminster.


Image Characters Encounters Description Time Available Unlocked Locations
Margot-TBOGT Margot First Encounter Just take Margot to the Lancet-Hospital Center in Lancet. 24 hours After "Bang Bang" In front of the Hercules nightclub in Purgatory.
Second Encounter Just run away from the area. After "Bang Bang"/First Encounter In the Pier 45 in Fishmarket South.

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