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The Unnamed Convertible is a soft-top convertible seen on multiple occasions in the Grand Theft Auto V trailer. Badges on the car show that it is possibly manufactured by Dewbauchee.


The convertible is seen in three colors in the trailer: red, white, and blue. It features a 2-door convertible body design with a rectractable black soft-top. The convertible is largely reminiscent of a 2010 Aston Martin V8 Vantage with some cosmetic differences. The front of the car was reminiscent to TVR Sagaris. with added Ferrari California grille, while other parts of the car, such as the wheel wells, seem to come from a Nissan 370Z.


Nothing is known about this vehicle's performance as of yet. However, based on its appearance, it will most probably possess performance comparable to its real-life counterparts.

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