Dr. Ray De Angelo Harris is the host of Chakra Attack and co-hosts with his assistant Cheryl Fawkes on WCTR in Grand Theft Auto V.


Harris is very hyperactive, and completely loses the meaning of meditating and spirituality when he asks his audience to do it. Harris is a licensed practitioner with an "internationally recognized degree" and is an expert in spirituality, spiritual cleanings, and colonics.

He has also written a book on the subject of duality called When One Becomes Two Problems Can Arise: A Study in Duality, which Harris takes any chance he can to plug on his show.


When Harris was younger, his father abandoned him (Harris assumes he's in prison). This motivated him to become a radio host so that one day his father might hear him and try and track him down. In the second episode of the show available in the enhanced version, his father, Terrence DeAngelo Harris, finally calls in after accidentaly hearing a segment of Chakra Attack in prison, only to scold him for becoming "a liberal wuss" and disown him. The episode ends right afterwards as Ray falls into an emotional breakdown, and his further fate is unknown.



  • During a particular broadcast, Dr. Harris mentions that he is a proud supporter of organic water, such as from coconuts or from the urine of animals.
  • He is hypocritical on the subject of food. He supports a mandatory vegan diet to eliminate obesity, but claims he only eats raw meat.