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Ray Machowski's Partner is a minor character who appears in Grand Theft Auto III.


He was the new partner of corrupt police officer Ray Machowski (after Leon McAffrey), and was suspected by Ray of being an informant.

Ray tasks Claude with silencing his partner in the mission Gone Fishing. Claude steals a police boat from Callahan Point and finds Ray's partner aboard a Ghost at Portland Rock, "fishing" by throwing grenades into the sea to kill fish. Upon noticing Claude, Ray's partner attempts to flee, dropping explosive barrels into the water in an attempt to stop Claude. If he makes it to land, he will beach his boat and fire upon Claude with an assault rifle. Claude then kills him.

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto III


  • The mission in which Ray Machowski's partner appears is also the only appearance of the Ghost in GTA III.
  • Occasionally, due to a glitch, Ray Machowski's partner will commit suicide while fishing by throwing his grenades onto the deck of his Ghost, blowing it and himself up.


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