The Rebreather is an item of gear featured in the Heists Update for Grand Theft Auto Online.


The rebreather allows the player to swim underwater for an extended period of time. The rebreather looks like a gas mask and the player can carry up to 20 air cannisters to supply air.

When in use there is a white bar graph on bottom right of the HUD showing the current container air supply and a number showing how many containers are left. Once the line has been depleted the number will go down by one and the line will be refilled. This allows the player to go as deep as the player wants should the Submersible be unavailable to spawn whenever they have a bounty on their heads though may not be as effective as the Submersible itself.

Each canister allows the player to dive for 30 in-game minutes (1 real-life minute), which, at full capacity, the player can dive for 10 in-game hours (20 real-life minutes).

Appearance in Missions


  • Can be bought at Ammu-Nation for $5000 each after it is unlocked.



The rebreather in use02:24

The rebreather in use

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