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"Chester's down!"

The Rednecks are a loose affiliation of rednecks found throughout Sandy Shores and the Grand Senora Desert in general, and are featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. Rather than being one organized gang, they appear to be a collection of loose criminal associations made up of several factions, including O'Neil Brothers and Larry Tupper's cronies, though it appears there may be others as well. Not much is known about the Rednecks, but it is implied that they manufacture and distribute drugs in Blaine County, mostly methamphetamine.

They are found in the first Rampage mission (likely a reference to Redneck Rampage) in GTA V and numerous missions in GTA Online that take place in Blaine County. They are also fought during Survival, where they are often referred to as "local meth gangs", as well as in Trevor's arms smuggling side missions, where they are described as "local dealers." There are at least two Gang Attacks in which they appear: one in a trailer park in the eastern Grand Senora Desert and another on an island off the coast of the Tataviam Mountains.

There are some rednecks that hang around the lumber mill in Paleto Forest. As the lumber mill is being used as a front for a Ballas marijuana growing operation, it is possible that these rednecks and the Ballas have some sort of working relationship. The rednecks may be the ones growing and supplying the Ballas with weed. Further evidence of a partnership between the Ballas and the rednecks is seen in the mission Hit 'Em Up by Gerald. In a series of hits on respective Balla leaders, the rednecks and the Ballas are seen with each other, indicating that they were in the middle of some sort of business transaction, most likely involving marijuana.


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